The Alternative Nightcap


Whatever happened to tea? What was once the UK’s national drink has made way for its caffeinated counterpart; a 2017 survey by Monin showed that 61% of British people prefer coffee to tea, spending over £600/year on average on their caffeine fix. However, while coffee culture is certainly booming, there is a quiet revolution in the (boiling) waters. Shops blending their own unique loose teas blends like Life Rituals – Oakham and cafes like Fika – Oakham putting loose leaf teas on the menu are cropping up all over the UK, offering their expertise to those searching for an alternative to the flat white.

Tea is an age-old drink surrounded by rituals and legacy; Traditionally, loose leaf tea is prepared by pouring hot water over tea leaves and allowing them to infuse; different blends may take anywhere from one to five minutes to brew.

In our increasingly fast-paced lives the routine of preparing a loose leaf tea can help signal to our brain that it’s time to start slowing down in preparation for sleep. What’s more, a lot of herbal teas are naturally caffeine-free, and a great many more boast significant health benefits that can get to work on our bodies overnight.

Night-time Ritual Tea with three ladies in bed
left to right Fika – Jo; Life Rituals – Jo; Cavells – Carrie


Life Rituals is located in the town of Oakham and was founded by herbalist Jo. A champion of craftsmanship, provenance and exploration, Jo puts huge efforts into sourcing the finest tea leaves from across the globe, an endeavour which helps to support a number of independent organic herb, botanicals, and tea growers.

Organic Teas, Fragrances and tea accessories
Inside Life Rituals Organic Teas, Fragrances & tea accessories


Why Jo at Life Rituals recommends Bedtime Ritual tea:

This is by far our most popular herbal blend. Valerian, one of the central earthy flavor in this blend, and part from its sedative effect its also effective at ‘slowing the mind’ for those prone to anxiety and worry. Another main ingredient is Chamomile is the central flavour, and has been used as a natural sleep aid for centuries. The other key ingredients, Passionflower, Linden has been celebrated by many tea drinkers over the years for its ability to soothe stress and feelings of anxiety. Not forgetting Peppermint to sooth the digestion system and promote calm.

So what did Life Rituals neighbours Fika & Cavell think of this alternative nightcap, did it truly live up to its promised effects.

Inside Cavells Homewares drinking night-time ritual tea
Inside Cavells Homewares


“Getting enough sleep, and the right kind of sleep is a constant source of distraction for me as a business owner with two small children, so when Jo suggested I try the Bedtime Tea, I jumped at the chance. I am always looking for natural solutions and Jo’s tea ticked all the boxes. It’s taste is subtle and delicate and I have to confess that I did genuinely feel the benefit. I definitely found it easier drifting off to sleep and felt more relaxed. Will definitely be continuing with the tea!”

– Jo, Founder Fika, Oakham



“Really loving this tea. It’s taste is very pleasant and although I don’t have a problem with getting off to sleep, I do with waking early. Changing my tea habits, as I drink caffeinated before bed, was always something I planned on doing but never get round to. I actually got this this for my husband, after drinking for a couple of days my sleep has been far more restful. Think I need to continue with this. Thanks for the recommendation Jo, from both of us.”

– Carrie, Cavells, Oakham