Beth Sykes Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD Therapist.

BSc (Hons) Health Studies, PG Dip Ed, ITEC/MLD Dip

Beth is a fully qualified MLD massage therapist with a professional health education and research background.  Her interest in holistic therapy started over 30 years ago after suffering from persistent migraines, anxiety and panic attacks. She recalls her attacks beginning as young as eight years old, and they continued to plague her throughout her teens and early twenties. Beth remembers feeling helpless at times but found great comfort in reading, and this naturally extended to non-fictional literature related to overcoming illness and disease.  The acquired knowledge-empowered Beth to take responsibility for her well-being and incorporate positive strategies to help her get well.  This included eliminating processed foods and limiting exposure to environmental toxins. incorporating cleansing protocols and focussing on bodywork, such as yoga, massage and breath work.    

Beth moved to Japan shortly after university to teach and promote British culture. Beth has spent much of her working life in East Asia, and this has not only influenced her way of life but also inspired her to educate and encourage others to adopt health rituals and take a ‘root cause/whole body’ approach to healing.   Her time spent in Hong Kong, where her son was born, was when her work involved delivering in-house health programmes to help prevent stress-induced sickness. She has always focused on the importance of stress-relieving methods and working on the premise that stripping back and removing toxins to aid the body’s detoxification pathways is a vital first step in giving the body space to heal.   This has led Beth to study bodywork further and specialise in Manual Lymphatic Drainage treatments. 


Manual Lymphatic Drainage has powerful cleansing, soothing, pain relieving and immunological effects. It is a gentle, rhythmic, flowing massage that can be applied to various conditions with impressive results. It is especially therapeutic for individuals who suffer from the following:

Digestive issues, excess weight & cellulite

Oedema – fluid retention & swelling   

Glandular Fever & Long Covid

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)

Allergies & autoimmune disorders, e.g. Rheumatoid Arthritis

Migraines & headaches

Stress & Anxiety

Acne, Rosacea & other skin conditions, including scarring from surgery

Pre/Post Operative cases, particularly if lymph nodes have been removed and the lymphatic system has been impaired

Beth incorporates various MLD techniques, including traditional Vodder MLD, fascia release and contour strokes, vibration, stretching, pumping and cupping. By aiding lymphatic flow and enabling the elimination of toxins and waste, overall well-being and a pathway to healing can be created. 

Appointments with Beth are available:

  • Tuesdays 2pm-7pm & Saturdays

To find out more or to book appointments please contact Beth via email or call the clinic on 01572 868579 (please leave a voicemail if we are busy with patients).


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Beth Sykes – Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) - Life Rituals

Treatment Costs

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Treatment (MLD)
£50 1 hour
Face, Neck & Clavicle Lymphatic Drainage Treatment
£35 - 40 mins
Gut-Lymph Link 4 Week Treatment Plan
£240 (75 mins per weekly session)
Bundle of 4 MLD Treatments
Bundle of 4 Face, Neck & Clavicle MLD Treatments

Please note 36hrs cancellation fee applies Thank you for your understanding.