Organic Protection Ritual Tea


A favourite with our customers; This tasty comforting blend fortifies and protects the body giving the immune system a boost, its a powerful antibacterial and antiviral tonic.

Makes 39 standard mugs

Non – Caffeinated

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Our herbalist Jo George has carefully selected this blend of organic herbs to support the immune system to keep you strong and healthy throughout the cold and flu season and in times of stress. Designed to fortify and protect this blend is a very effective cold prevention, and helps reduce unpleasant cold symptoms. Antibacterial, antiviral, immune system boosting.

It is slightly bittersweet and warm with accents of mint and citrus.

Organic ingredients

  • Elderberry – powerful antiviral and antioxidant, stimulates the immune system.
  • Ginger – improves digestion and increases food absorption.
  • Peppermint – improves digestion, reduces pain, inflammation and relaxes.
  • Tulsi – natural adaptogen, helps support the immune system.
  • Anise seeds – excellent remedy for coughs, colds and digestive disorders.
  • Orange peel – natural booster loaded with vitamins, enzymes and pectin.
  • Yarrow – used for colds, hay fever, gastrointestinal discomfort and fever.
  • Liquorice root – soothing agent, supports a healthy digestive system.

Additional information

Weight 84 g
Dimensions 4.5 × 8 × 16 cm